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What we do...

Website Designing, Development & Maintenance
Website Designing, Development and Hosting is what we specialize in. We have got strong and experienced teams that have done numerous web projects successfully. We are also involved in retainership contract with many companies related to web solutions. Added to this is our Premium Hosting on Windows & Linux Servers with PHP, ASP.NET, FTP, Frontpage, SQL Server 2005, Control Panel, POP3 / SMTP mail account on our advanced hosting setup.

Web Design & Development

Reliability is what Techpromind boasts off and we make it come true. We realize the importance of your project and that why we take care of your project sincerely & strong-handedly. Building & sustaining Techpromind as the top quality brand in the Information Technology & Software development industry day-to-day.

Software & Apps Development

With continuous practice and update on evolving technology in the area of web designing and development, we have earned a command in the industry. At ‘Techpromind’ we have a simple and effective six stage delivery process (6-D Process) consisting of the stages: Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Deploy & Drive.

Domain & Hosting Booking

You will be in safe hands as we identify your business needs, determine its direction, follow your business model and implement the best strategy legally to develop a full proof solution for you.Our vision has always been to strive and find newer challenges in the field of Web development and use technology and knowledge to the fullest to create solutions for our customers, partners and professionals like you.

UI Design

Good user interface design helps people work more confidently and complete tasks more efficiently. Great user interface design builds brand loyalty.
We design for graphical user interfaces for the masses and do our best to deliver a user-friendly experience. We consult with the client's business to distinguish who the users are and what the client wants to enable them to do. We design GUIs with accessibility and web usability in mind.
Our user interface design team can work with your product engineers to create an elegant, intuitive user experience that matches up perfectly with your audience's needs and expectations. Because it's not just a user interface. It's how your customers see you.

Graphic Design

Techpromind Creation offers professional brochure design, business brochure design templates, business brochure, Bi-Fold Brochures design, Tri-Fold Brochures design, Gate-Fold Brochure design, Flyers design, Catalogs design, corporate brochure design services, brochure designing, professional E-Brochure designers, business folder design services, Medical, Travel, Healthcare Brochure Flyers.
Quality brochure design service at Techpromind helps business firms of all sizes and industries to convey their message with professionally designed brochure & catalogues, advertising material and newsletters.

3D Animation

Computer animation is the process used for generating animated images by using computer graphics. The more general term computer-generated imagery encompasses both static scenes and dynamic images while computer animation only refers to moving images.

Modern computer animation usually uses 3D computer graphics, although 2D computer graphics are still used for stylistic, low bandwidth, and faster real-time renderings. Sometimes, the target of the animation is the computer itself, but sometimes the target is another medium, such as film.