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About Product Catalogue

The product catalog is a set of information about individual models. Models are specific versions or various configurations of an asset. Models published to the product catalog are automatically published to the service catalog. The service catalog includes information about goods (models) and services. A model may be listed more than once if the model is available from multiple vendors.

Keep the following in mind when working with product catalog:

• A product catalog item can be linked to multiple vendor catalog items or a single model.

• A model can only have one product catalog item.

• A vendor catalog item can only have a single product catalog item.

Asset managers use the product catalog as a centralized repository for model information. A detailed and well-maintained product catalog can coordinate with service catalog, asset, procurement, request, contract, and vendor information.

Product Catalogue refers to processes and technologies focused on centrally managing information about products, with a focus on the data required to market and sell the products through one or more distribution channels. A central set of product data can be used to feed consistent, accurate and up-to-date information to multiple output media such as web sites, print catalogs, ERP systems, and electronic data feeds to trading partners.